Before we started, everything was designed in 3D on Sketchup. Plans were produced from these 3D drawings and we were ready to start construction.

First steps

We started by constructing the framing based on the Sketchup 3D model and drawings. Luckily for us one of the founder members is a builder so he dragged in some carpenters to help. We also had use of a fork lift which made things a lot easier.


Once the framing was up we drilled, t-nutted and placed the panels onto it. Some of us got a bit impatient and put on some holds at this stage... Quality control purposes only of course.


How different it looks now. Almost like a real grown up climbing wall. And we started setting some routes.


The safety matting was installed. A sandwich of mattresses, carpet and foam of different densities. Later we got rid of the mattresses as they were a bit stinky and don\'t really cushion your fall much.