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How do I sign up?

Check out Membership Levels

What are the membership options?

3 (€70), 6 (€120) and 12 months (€220). See the link above


Can children join?

Not as members in their own right (an adult has to take out membership for them, as a waiver needs to be signed) Adult members can bring their children to the climbing wall during the times and under the conditions stated below.
Children need to be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times to ensure their own safety

What times can kids climb?

Children can climb on weekdays before 7pm
Children can climb any time at the weekend
Children of non-members will have a maximum number of visits of 3, after which the child or their parent/guardian must become a member
Kids session is on Sunday mornings, so they can meet up and climb together (under supervision of their parent/guardian) from 10am to 1pm. See here for details

Can children come to the wall on their own?

Children (under 18) are only allowed to climb under supervision of a parent/guardian. Parents or guardians are fully responsible for the safety of their children while at the Galway Climbing Coop and must supervise them at all times
The adult member does not need to climb (but we would encourage it, it's fun to do with your kids!)
The child (or both, parent and child, if the parent wishes to climb) need to be registered with Mountaineering Ireland

Trial sessions

Can I just show up on Tuesday and Thursday at half seven?

No, you must register to come to the trial session and present your confirmation email on arrival. Ring the bell if the door is not open.

Do I need special equipment, shoes etc?

No, just wear comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear for a gym. We provide shoes but may not have the size to fit you. Narrow (Converse type) runners will be fine.

How many trial sessions can I have?

Three, for insurance purposes we are limited to 3 trial sessions before you have to join up.

Are there trial sessions on other days?

Generally not as we cannot guarantee someone will be there, but you may be able to arrange to come along with a member. Contact us if you need to come some other day and we will try to help out

Book a trial session here


Where are we?

We are located in Bóthar na míne, Ballybane, Galway City