Coop open again again again!

The wait is nearly over. The Coop will reopen on June 7 for hopefully the last time.
Bad news – if you had any projects you were working on they are gone
Good news – there are over 100 new problems for you to try!

10 thoughts on “Coop open again again again!

  1. Hi guys. Wondering if you can add me back to the watsapp group and re-activate my fob oh pretty please 🙂 see ya’s shortly

    1. Hi Steve, added you to the WhatsApp just now. Everyone’s fobs will be reactivated before we go back

  2. Hi, just joined again, so exited! Realised I didn’t update my phone number til this morning, could I be readded to the WhatsApp chat? Thanks

    1. Hi Fiona, we’re not open for trial sessions at the moment but you can still become a member. So the easiest thing to do is sign up for 3 months and see how you like it. You will get an email with next steps after you sign up

      1. Hi Ronan,
        Thank you about the info about the trial session in the post above.
        Do I take it that it’s possible to sign up even if you’re a beginner and just give it a try yourself? Myself and my girlfriend would love to get into the sport. Happy to join the club and try out on our own if that’s permitted.

  3. Hi, I just signed up as a member, I would to come over and give it a go, could you tell me how I get in please?

  4. Hi,
    I have sent email but did not received response.
    We moved to Ennis 3 weeks ago from Israel, where we bouldered for a couple of years. Can I visit once in order to decide if to do membership? I dont need a guide…

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