Youth Climbing

Kids session is on Sunday mornings, so they can meet up and climb together (under supervision of their parent/guardian) No adult climbing is allowed during this session

We are keen to promote youth climbing but also need to make sure that everyone is climbing safely.

Here is a set of rules that apply for minors climbing at the Galway Climbing Coop:

  • kids are defined as aged under 18 years
  • kids of adult/student members of the Galway Climbing Coop do not pay membership fees
  • kids need to be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times to ensure their own safety
  • kids can climb on weekdays before 7pm
  • kids can climb any time at the weekend
  • kids of non-members will have a maximum of 3 visits, after which the child or their parent/guardian must become a member
  • the child (or both, parent and child, if the parent wishes to climb) need to be registered with Mountaineering Ireland