20 thoughts on “Trial sessions now on website

  1. heya!
    if trial sessions aren’t on anymore – can I still buy a membership and how ? would love to join
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Erika, we don’t have trial sessions at the moment but membership is back open if you are interested

      Link is here

      1. Hi Malcom,
        Once we sign up, how do we get access to the facility and does it need to be booked in advance?
        I’m very interested in joining (I’m a friend of Charles who used to be in the co-op years ago).
        Would just like a bit more info before purchasing the membership.
        Thanks for any help you can provide.

  2. Hello, myself and my friend are thinking of joining and would love to see what the place is like etc, is it possible to come in a try it out for an hour or so at some stage ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Aoife,
      we are not a commercial wall and for insurance reasons can only have members climbing.
      Link for membership options is here

    1. Hi Eoin,
      The Coop will be back open from Wednesday 12th January 2022. However we will have to ask for proof of vaccination/ immunity in accordance with current government guidelines. If you don’t have this/ don’t want to provide it you might be better off waiting until we don’t have to impose these restrictions any more before joining.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Gary. I have just been into your climbing wall and wanted to see if I could go for a trial session today.

  4. Hi I would love to join however I don’t have much or any experience climbing walls do you offer beginners lessons?

    1. Hi Nicole,
      unfortunately we an unmanned members only climbing wall so don’t offer lessons. So at the moment you can only visit if you sign up for the minimum length membership of 3 months, that’s 70 euro, for 24/7 access
      Details are here Membership Levels – Galway Climbing COOP
      If you just want to try out climbing, I would recommend Suas in Limerick, they do taster/ beginner sessions and are a friendly bunch. Website is here
      If you find you like it you can join up here at the link above
      Hope this helps

  5. Hi, I’m interested in joining, would I be able to bring my 11 year old on my membership or would I need to purchase another for her?

    1. Membership options are here. Your daughter can climb for free on your membership but just needs her own Mountaineering Ireland membership

      This will be €20.50 payable separately to the Coop membership, we can sort this out for you if you send on her details to us.

  6. Hi, my name is Nerea and I am from Spain. I have climbed a years ago but it wasn’t very continuous. I did indoor bouldering and rock climbing in the summer.
    Now I live in Clifden and I am very interested to training, learning and meeting people who are also interested too in this sport. Could you give me more information about your club and how I can become a member?

    Thank you very much!!!

  7. Hi Malcolm,
    Myself and my partner are interested to become members but would it be ok if we see the place first? I understand you cannot offer free trials, we only would like to check the place before joining.

  8. Hi, I am visiting Galway and I would like to drop by. I was wondering if you have 1 session tickets or only memberships.
    Thanks you ☺️


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