Sundays Kids Club

We’re getting lot of queries about Kids Sessions on Sundays.
We run the sessions every Sunday during a school year (except Bank Holiday Weekends, Christmas and Easter).
During those sessions, we try to provide the safest possible environment for them to enjoy and learn how to climb eg. adults are not allowed to climb.
Right now, Kids Club is shut for the rest of summer holidays and will start on first Sunday of the school year.
If you really want to bring your child before we’re back, please book a trial session (available days- Tuesday or Thursday evenings), but keep in mind that due to large number of adult climbers attending those sessions, our wall gets slightly overcrowded, therefore it’s not fully suitable for smaller kids.

Eventbrite - Trial session

It will be your responsibility to keep your child safe at all times.

The Coop


5 thoughts on “Sundays Kids Club

  1. We would love to join the co-op when kids climbing reopens (2 children to register). What time is on Sundays? Thanks

    1. Hi Roisin,
      Kids club when it reopens will be 10 -12 on Sunday. Details are here under Kids
      We will put a post on the website when it is going to reopen.

      The Coop

    1. Hi John,
      if the kids are members or their parents are members then nothing, otherwise it is like a trial session and costs a fiver


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