Mountain Meitheal West

Hi all, Mountain Meitheal West have asked me to post some info about them, they do good work in the hills maintaining paths etc. If you are interested in helping them out the details are below.
Greetings from the Committee for Mountain Meitheal West,

We are a voluntary organisation, under the umbrella of Mountain Meitheal Ireland (, that was set up the middle of last year. Mountain Meitheal is already active in the Dublin/Wicklow region, and also in the South East (Tipperary/Cork/Limerick), where efforts to maintain tracks and trails around the country and promote sustainable recreation has been ongoing for a number of years.
Mountain Meitheal West have had a number of work days already in 2018 (Blackhead Loop Trail in The Burren, County Clare, and Máméan, Connemara, County Galway), and we would like to extend the invitation to you, or members from your committee, to join us on one of our upcoming work days to see what we do. We are always keen to extend our group and welcome new volunteers. Focus is on fun and rewarding work!
We typically go out on the last Saturday of every month (next work day is Saturday March 30th), and we would love if you could join us on this day or one of the upcoming work days.
If you would like to see us in action, click on this link
Mountain Meitheal West - Mamean
Mountain Meitheal West – Mamean
And you can see a summary of 2018 work in this slideshow:
2018 work
2018 work
Look forward to hearing from you if you have questions or comments!
Mountain Meitheal West Committee (
Seán O’Donovan (Chairperson)
John Smyth (Treasurer)
Caoilfionn Moorhead (Secretary)

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